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Refreshbiz offers service with freshness and zest.

Its menu concentrates on four main areas:


There are also plenty of other skills and experience available.


Take a dip in the fruit bowl to discover more zingy Refreshbiz offerings.


The Chief Refresher has diverse skills and experience that stretch across many sectors.

Recent projects have included:

  • facilitating and building organisational strategic plans

  • capability asessments for Mananwatu Multicultural Council and Papaeoia Pasifika Community Trust

  • delivering executive coaching for Massey University's School of Veterinary Science

  • presenting  governance workshops (101 and Part 2)

  • providing one-on-one mentoring


The Refreshbiz client list includes: 

  • Massey University (SoVS)

  • Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency

  • Universal College of Learning (UCOL)

  • Manawatu Multicultural Council

  • not-for-profit organisations 

  • city, district and regional councils

  • Athletics New Zealand

  • businesses

  • health providers

  • educators



Refreshbiz rolled out of its entrepreneurial fruit bowl at the end of 2016. Its mission is to get alongside and help rehydrate organisations and individuals who have simply run out of energy, new ideas and creative juices.


 The Chief Refresher has created a zesty menu around executive coaching and mentoring; good governance education; strategy development and communication tips to assist those wanting to release themselves from same-old, same-old. 


Forget stodgy, formal and staid... Refreshbiz embraces lessons and learning from experience in media, national sports administration, local government senior management, consultancy and hospitality to help regain piquancy for you, your people and your place.

The Chief Refresher believes in achieving together. 

"The Chief Refresher was exceptional. She very quickly brought the Board and management together in the process."

"I have learnt mentoring is a journey of self-discovery.  It has been a wild and exciting adventure with some confronting moments and lots of laughs."

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