Thank you for coming through to Levin.  It was so much fun.  I learnt a lot and I know Julia really enjoyed it too.  I truly think our young leaders went away with an understanding of their role on the committee and what’s expected of them. Your training was awesome." 

- Teresa Burke (Community Development Advisor, Horowhenua District Council)

"A huge thank you for the training to date.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the governance sessions and feel we are at the next level of progress. We almost got rowdy last night!"

- Caroline Lockhart (Chair, Manawatu Rural Support Service)

"I would like to thank you, Vince, for the training and support you are providing for some of my team. You have made a huge difference to the way they cope with the challenges of their roles and I know they are very grateful for your help. You have now become a verb and people are proud to talk about being ‘Vinced.’ You’re awesome – thank you!"

- Jane Langton Burnell BVSc MRCVS (Veterinary Teaching Hospital Director, Täwharau Ora – School of Veterinary Science)

"Thanks for the sessions, Vince.  I have thoroughly enjoyed them.  Great to be able to tap into your knowledge and skills and be able to bounce things off you.  I really appreciated your relaxed but professional approach and being able to talk openly in a safe environment." 

- Ian

"It has been wonderful working with you and the very clear, concise and energetic presentations.  The Papaioea Pasifika Community Trust Board has gained tremendously through your workshops.  Thank you so much for all your great work in assisting PPCT and our Pasifika community, Vince."

- Ivor Kaisami (Chief Executive - Papaioea Pasifika Community Trust)

"Thank you so much, Vince!  I have appreciated every minute of our time together."

- Christie 

Thanks Vince.  Working with you has been truly fantastic.  The conversation notes are so appreciated and I can't wait for a six-month tune-up!  

- Pauline

"Kia ora Vince. Thank you for coming to the Horowhenua. The group loved the simplicity of your presentation and appreciated your sense of humour and clear explanations.  You made choosing an organisational structure easy!  The following comments from feedback forms: Awesome! Well-presented and lots of useful information. Great workshop. Thanks,  you are very good at what you do."

- Kim Stewart (Community Development Advisor, Horowhenua District Council)

"The Governance 101 session was a real eye opener. Thanks for throwing a few rocks in the pond, Vince. It’s what we needed to cause us to re-evaluate how we do business. As you say, we should think about where we could go then implement any changes we believe are necessary to ensure the future for our club.  It is about being bold."

- John Barrance (President, Wellington Harriers Athletic Club)

"You are so professional as a facilitator, Vince. I'm glad MMC has met you and my thanks to the people who referred you to us. We all felt really comfortable working alongside you to get where we want to be." 

- Nina Kirschbaum (President, Manawatu Multicultural Council)

"It was a great day and made our people aware what a great team and culture we have. I am especially happy with the values work and we will continue to refine them as we go in 2021.  Everyone has a bounce in their step today after yesterday's end-of-year Funday Monday facilitated by Refreshbiz."

- Victoria Blockley-Powell (Student Success Senior Manager, UCOL)

"I have gained so much from our scenario sessions. This was a great way to show how we could incorporate the previous lessons into day-to-day scenarios we could relate to.  With the added confidence I feel, I have been able to apply this in conversations with my staff and have felt I am not drawn into the drama sometimes created. Once again, thank you for providing this service. You created a safe environment where I felt I could ask any question without feeling judged."

- Dianna

"Thank you once again, Vince and Refreshbiz, for being part of our Netball Development Officers' Forum - it was an engaging diversity session and very pertinent."  

- Stuart Savage (Community Netball Manager, Netball Central Zone)

"Thank you for giving us a space for new thinking, Vince!"

- Emma

"Thanks Vince. It has been so good and really good to challenge my thinking and expand horizons."

- Jo

"Thank you for all your help, Vince.  The coaching sessions have been really helpful in developing my leadership skills. They have made me reflect on myself and my actions and helped me understand what and how to improve."

- Alaina

"Vince - it has been absolutely inspiring - thanks for everything."

- Marianne

"I found the course content very relevant. Overall, I feel I have got a lot out of this programme and would recommend it to others."

- Di

"I found the course content really valuable and enjoyed the team discussion.  We worked well on Zoom, which was the best option available given the Covid situation. You challenged us by identifying areas that could be strengthened and stimulated great discussion. I do hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future!"

- Chris

"The programme content was very good and everyone was intently engaged (quietly absorbing and thinking). 

Thanks very much, Vince."

- Tony

"We were absolutely delighted to have you as our opening Leadership Series speaker, Vince. We have received only great reviews from our members. Thank you so much."  

- Kimberly Gumabay (Events Specialist, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand)

"We have a high performing team. I was keen to assist each staff member with professional development that would benefit them as individuals and also us as a collaborative team to move to the next level in the way we interact with our community across New Zealand.  I approached Refreshbiz as I wanted new thinking and innovative, practical solutions.  Vince delivered an outstanding workshop for all staff members.  She had an uncanny knack to draw out what was important and left my staff invigorated and energised. The investment in using this company was very well spent."

- Kathy Gibson, CEO – Special Olympics New Zealand   

"Thank you for your assistance with our senior executive interviews, Vince - it was really valuable to have your insights."

- Horizons Regional Council


"Working with Vince as my mentor was an incredibly positive experience. We formed an open and trusting relationship - all via Zoom - that let me be open about my challenges. Vince provided clear and timely guidance that I lapped up. Her prompt follow up emails were bright and practical. Given the breadth of my work as an elected councillor and founder of a charity delivering social enterprise capability services during a Covid-19 affected year, our match was just what I needed. The injection of support has left me feeling stronger about my journey and juggling act, and I feel better enabled to make a difference through my work. Thank you Vince." 
- Nicola Patrick, Horizons Regional councillor and Thrive Whanganui Trust programme director

"Thank you so much for everything, Vince. I wish I had met you 10 years ago. You have helped me change my future."

- Danielle

"Thanks Vince. I have really enjoyed and appreciated our time together. Hopefully, there might be some more further down the road!"

- Jennifer

"Thanks, Vince, for all your help over the last few months. It is really lovely being in a good place again and being able to bounce ideas around with you and have someone challenge me on some of my ways of thinking."

- Anne

"Wow, what an adventure it has been over the last few months! To be honest, I wasn't sure what mentoring meant and was wondering why I needed to be "fixed." I have learnt mentoring is a journey of self-discovery.It has been a wild and exciting adventure with some confronting moments and lots of laughs. I just wanted to thank you for your help, wisdom and guidance. Thank you especially for the sessions during lockdown. Stay fabulous, Vince.

- Sarah

"Thanks so much Vince for all your help with my life! Hope our paths cross again."

- Jane

"I can't say thanks enough, Vince, for all your help and support. It has been incredibly valuable and I've had a blast along the way."

- Kel

"I wanted the right person.  I wanted someone who understood me, who could see that I am not a person who is happy to fit within the status quo.  I wanted someone who could hold my hand when I was afraid, and whole heartedly honour my drive, creativity and authenticity as an artist and entrepreneur.  I also needed the occasional reality check. I found all that and more in Vince. She is my touchstone for happiness and success."  

- Charlotte

“I arranged some one-on-one self awareness mentoring through Refreshbiz for a senior staff.  The progress made was almost instantaneous and what I perceived to be a little trepidation at the beginning soon turned into a real excitement to meet with Lorraine on a regular basis.  I put this down to the comfortable and personable nature to which Lorraine conducted the mentoring which I saw first hand when invited to a feedback session halfway through the programme.  While it certainly takes the right attitude of the individual, the mentor really does have to be able to engage and draw out that willingness which clearly has happened here.  I know my staff member is grateful for attending these sessions and I too am please with the progress and results that were achieved.  Definitely would recommend using Refreshbiz for coaching/mentoring into the future.”

- Horizons Regional Council

"I would like to thank you for all your support and wise words. Your advice was absolutely spot on. Please just let me know if there is ever the opportunity for me to pay it forward.

- Rebecca


"This strategy is an exciting step forward for us. Thanks so much, Vince."

- Roger Buchanan (Acting Chair, Square Edge Community Arts) 

"It has been a pleasure working with you, Vince.  Your contribution to Square Edge Community Arts

through this strategy process will be always cherished."

- Veronica Cozzi (Board member)

“We engaged Refreshbiz for a strategy refresh at Manfeild Park Trust. Vince was exceptional. She very quickly brought the Board and management together in the process. It was a really enjoyable project and our outcomes exceeded all expectations. Don't hesitate. Vince. Involve her in your business."

- Gordon Smith (Chairperson, Manfeild Park Trust)

"Just wanted to say awesome work, Vince.  We couldn’t have accomplished our Strategic Plan without you."

- Chris Atherton (Chair, Volunteer Central)

"A big thanks to Vince for the work you've done on this strategic document. The sessions were exactly what we needed, and the outcome has been brilliant".

- Richard Greaney (Board member Volunteer Central)

"I would equate having an experienced facilitator at your strategic planning session to having someone pilot your ship into port. They're a steady pair of hands who know the course and can guide you safely to where you need to be. Sure, if you have taken that route many times then you might be fine. You may even get there by luck. But if you're like the majority of people, you will get a better result in less time with the help of a facilitator.


There are two big benefits of a facilitator. The first is they structure the discussion. Strategic planning can be a daunting process and it's hard to know where to start. Being taken through the questions in a logical sequence makes it much easier to put together.


The second benefit is keeping the board on course. It's easy to veer too far into the operational, mix your vision and mission, or get too ambitious (or not ambitious enough) with your goals. Someone to keep you on task is incredibly beneficial. 


Finally, an experienced facilitator (we used Lorraine Vincent from Refreshbiz) will have done this many times. It's great being able to draw on that experience when you're stumped and not sure what the right direction is."

- Jordan Dempster (Board member Volunteer Central)

"Following recruitment of two new Trustees for our Board and coming out of lockdown, the timing was ideal to review our Strategic Plan. Injecting new thoughts and ideas coupled with the expertise and knowledge of our existing Trustees was a perfect mix to relaunch the future direction of Manfeild Park Trust.  We engaged Refreshbiz (Lorraine Vincent) to facilitate the collective thinking process. Using her proven skills and experience, Vince was able to tease out fresh and innovative thinking to land a plan to take our business to the next level.  Refreshbiz challenged our Board to take calculated risk by being "strategically reckless" in our planning process.  Post Covid-19, every business needs to work smarter not harder.  Great team approach to potentially yield great outcomes for the Park!" 

- Kathy Gibson (CEO, Manfeild)



​"Thanks heaps, Vince, for everything. You've been amazing and a great sounding board for us as we have worked through our understanding of governance. We feel very privileged to have worked with you yet again."

- Basketball Manawatu

​"Our Board has really benefitted from governance training with Refreshbiz. Before training we were six people with six different ideas about governance. After working with Vince, we are a team of people with a better understanding of what each of us brings to the table. We are a team much better focussed on our strategic objectives."

- Basketball Manawatu

"All the governance content was clearly presented and beneficial.  I left realising governance was far more different than I had first thought.  Thanks for the takeaways and real examples."

- Governance Part 2 Workshop participant

"Great workshop. I really believe we as a Board are much better off for attending these sessions. Hopefully, we can now avoid the bad governance behaviour that seems, sadly, to be quite common."

​​- Governance 101 Workshop participant

It's been a pleasure