"We were absolutely delighted to have you as our opening Leadership Series speaker, Vince. We have received only great reviews from our members. Thank you so much."  

- Kimberly Gumabay (Events Specialist, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand)

"Thank you once again, Vince and Refreshbiz, for being part of our Netball Development Officers' Forum - it was an engaging diversity session and very pertinent."  

- Stuart Savage (Community Netball Manager, Netball Central Zone)

"I would like to thank you for all your support and wise words. Your advice was absolutely spot on. Please just let me know if there is ever the opportunity for me to pay it forward.

- Rebecca


"I can't say thanks enough, Vince, for all your help and support. It has been incredibly valuable and I've had a blast along the way."

- Kel


"Thank you for giving us a space for new thinking, Vince!"

- Emma

"Thanks Vince. It has been so good and really good to challenge my thinking and expand horizons."

- Jo

"I wanted the right person.  I wanted someone who understood me, who could see that I am not a person who is happy to fit within the status quo.  I wanted someone who could hold my hand when I was afraid, and whole heartedly honour my drive, creativity and authenticity as an artist and entrepreneur.  I also needed the occasional reality check. I found all that and more in Vince. She is my touchstone for happiness and success."  

- Mentee

"Thanks so much Vince for all your help with my life! Hope our paths cross again."

- Jane

"Thanks, Vince, for helping me bring my novella dream to life."

- Charlotte Squire (The Springs)

"Thanks heaps, Vince, for everything. You've been amazing and a great sounding board for us. We feel very privileged to have worked with you yet again."

- Basketball Manawatu

"Vince - it has been absolutely inspiring - thanks for everything."

- Marianne

"Our Board has really benefitted from governance training with Refreshbiz. Before training we were six people with six different ideas about governance. After working with Vince, we are a team of people with a better understanding of what each of us brings to the table. We are a team much better focussed on our strategic objectives."

- Basketball Manawatu

“I arranged some one-on-one self awareness mentoring through Refreshbiz for a senior staff.  The progress made was almost instantaneous and what I perceived to be a little trepidation at the beginning soon turned into a real excitement to meet with Lorraine on a regular basis.  I put this down to the comfortable and personable nature to which Lorraine conducted the mentoring which I saw first hand when invited to a feedback session halfway through the programme.  While it certainly takes the right attitude of the individual, the mentor really does have to be able to engage and draw out that willingness which clearly has happened here.  I know my staff member is grateful for attending these sessions and I too am please with the progress and results that were achieved.  Definitely would recommend using Refreshbiz for coaching/mentoring into the future.”

- Horizons Regional Council

"We have a high performing team. I was keen to assist each staff member with professional development that would benefit them as individuals and also us as a collaborative team to move to the next level in the way we interact with our community across New Zealand.  I approached Refreshbiz as I wanted new thinking and innovative, practical solutions.  Vince delivered an outstanding workshop for all staff members.  She had an uncanny knack to draw out what was important and left my staff invigorated and energised. The investment in using this company was very well spent."

Kathy Gibson, CEO – Special Olympics New Zealand   

"Thank you for your assistance with our senior executive interviews, Vince - it was really valuable to have your insights."

- Horizons Regional Council

"Thank you so much for our sessions, Vince. It has been a great opportunity to learn what makes me tick and challenge some of my thoughts/actions."

- Mentee

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